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Viewing Information for Todd Group HQ Dunedin residents first 2018 CQC intake – February 2018

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Course type Dunedin, New Zealand residents evening close quarter combat training (twice weekly).
Course location Todd Group HQ 6 Stuart Street Dunedin, New Zealand. Office 49 Stuart Street in the fight times building diagonally opposite the Todd Group training facility.
Course training dates and times On application acceptance training days and times information will be provided. Usual phase 1 basic training Monday and Wednesday 6pm until 7pm.
Course information link General information
Course instructions and general information On applying for the February HQ CQC intake. You will be provided with all information.
Course joining requirements Complete the official online application, which can be signed at the intake induction or electronically. On receiving your completed official application forms, we will advise you whether you meet the course joining requirements or not. If you meet the course joining requirements, information will be provided in relation to your attendance at an intake induction. The intake induction includes observing a current basic phase 1 training session and undertaking some basic phase 1 training as well as all application and training information being provided. There may also be a video presentation. You will have the opportunity to have ask questions. After the intake induction, if successful with your application and you decide you want to join, you will receive notification of your intake start date and requirements, as well as your fees invoice/statement. There is a $10 interview and book fee required to be paid at your intake induction and we will take a digital photo for your file. It is important that you advise us, immediately after attending the intake induction, if you want to withdraw your application. If you submit an online course joining application or paper forms application and are accepted then fail to pay your due fees as stipulated, any future courses applications you submit will be declined.
Course participation This is a voluntary application course. Successful applicants should do the utmost to attend the twice weekly evening sessions.
Primary training objectives brief To undertake European military close quarters combat and self-defence training.
Phase testing brief After 100 hours of training, exponents that are ready, willing, and able to undertake the phase 1 test can volunteer for the phase test. This is a personal decision and must be made if and when you are ready and your instructors consider you are ready to undertake the phase 1 testing.
Additional course subjects training Members of the Todd Group at the HQ are invited to attend short courses and workshops during the year that include tactical control restraint and psychological conditioning to enhance one's capabilities when faced with extreme violence. We also conduct close personal protection specialist courses that members can apply for.
Additional course events The Todd Group conduct an annual intensive course of instruction in late March every year at our camp at Berwick, which close to the Dunedin airport. We also export courses globally that members are invited to submit course confirmations for.
Travel to and from course location information Local residents must arrange your own transport to and from the twice weekly evening training sessions for basic exponents.
Airport transfers Not applicable
Pre-course arrival dates Not applicable
Post course departure dates Not applicable
Pre-course accommodation Not applicable
Post course accommodation Not applicable
Pre- and post-course accommodation rates and information Not applicable
On course accommodation and meals provision status Not applicable
Course fee Accepted applicants are required to pay a $25 joining fee, $15 code of conduct CD, students beneficiaries $90 per six months, waged exponents $120 per six months.
Course deposit requirements Not applicable
On course accommodation and meals if not included in course fee rates Not applicable
Course qualifications and certification Phase 1 basic exponents after completing a minimum of 100 hours or a full week-long intensive course of instruction can volunteer to phase test and if successful will receive certification.
Course dress Comfortable robust clothing for physical combative training, including boots, gym boots, or gym shoes; Track pants, tactical trousers, or shorts; t-shirt or sweatshirt. Members wanting CQC training t-shirts or collared shirts, CQC trousers and boots can purchase them from our Fight Times shop.
Course personal requirements Suitable training clothing and footwear as previous and any personal safety/protection requirements.
Privacy and security Members as per their application agreement must abide by this and any other course joining agreements in regards to protecting the privacy and security of the Todd Group and all individuals and organisations associated with the Todd Group.
Course manager Geoff Todd
Contact email [email protected]
Contact phone 03 4778902
Additional information The Todd Group conduct two intakes per year for entry-level phase 1 basic civilian exponents wanting to learn military self-defence and military close quarters combat. The Todd Group, formerly the Baldock Institute, established 1927, is the oldest global training provider of its kind and the Todd Group HQ in Dunedin is where the doctrine, including individual skills and tactics that make up the training packages, are developed, tested, and approved. Dunedin, being the headquarters location for the Todd Group, enables us to train civilian residents two nights a week. Financial members also have access to our combat sports classes that include wrestling and submission grappling. Membership is open to responsible citizens 17 years of age and over who are committed realists, looking for the most current and proven self-defence and unarmed combat skills from the Todd military combative packages.

The two intakes annually are February and August and after your first six-month term you will continue to train and be invoiced for your second term unless you resign your membership in writing. HQ members generally take between 6 and 12 months to achieve proficiency and meet the 100 hours mandatory training requirements for phase testing. Phase testing is voluntary and applies to those that want to test their practical capabilities, mental toughness, and inner resolve with view to achieving promotion, including working towards instructor status. Some exponents train simply to learn the phase 1 skills and will not volunteer for phase testing. Although this restricts them to only training in the phase 1 basic package of the Todd Systems, it does provide all the foundations and basic skills to combat and counter wide-ranging serious violent threats. Tactics and skills training includes unarmed offensive assault (stamp kicking and striking), unarmed counter offensive assault (evasive and stationary counter engagement), seizure prevention and escape of wide-ranging grabs and holds, common non-ballistic weapon disarming including sharp edged and bludgeon type weapons under incoming assault and in situations when held and threatened at weapon point or shaft.

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