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Viewing Information for Todd Military CQC and MSD Short course - Zurich – 31 July 2017

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Course type / description European military close quarters combat and military self-defence for civilians and military pers. 2-day short introductory course.
Todd Group history / services / structure / exponent training phases
Course location Zurich, Switzerland
Course dates and times July 31-August 1 timings provided in accepted exponents information email.
Course promotional / recruiting information / links and

Recruiting cards available on request [email protected]
Course cut-off date for course to be confirmed or cancelled June 16, 2017, if the required exponent numbers are confirmed the course will be confirmed. If the required numbers are not confirmed the course will be cancelled.
Important considerations prior to course confirm / cancel cut-off date Do not apply/course confirm unless you are 100% certain you will attend and participate with commitment, attention to detail, inner-resolve, safety and controlled aggression. If you are not a realist then CQC is not for you. This is not a sport or traditional martial art. The Todd Group are the oldest private training provider of European military CQC of our kind and want only those with the smarts mental toughness and fitting demeanour for CQC training.

New applicants and Todd Group course confirming current members must be definite attendees. Do not make flight reservations confirm leave or undertake any other personal plans related to course attendance that can’t be cancelled until receiving confirmation of the course being conducted after the course cut-off date.
Course joining requirements Complete and return your on-line course application/confirmation and on being accepted for course joining, ensure you action all requirements as requested including course fees payment and providing any requested additional information.
Course joining special requirements All new applicants including Todd Group current proponents course confirming must be committed to attending the applied for course and accept all orders and instructions on course.

The course fee is non-transferable non-refundable. All attendees are required to be responsible quietly confident exponents and respect the chain of command and course attendance conditions rules and regulations at all times.
Course application / joining conditions Course applications must be completed factually and honestly.
Get your course application in as early as possible as the course cut-off date for confirming or cancelling courses depends on having required attending numbers by the cut-off date for the course to be conducted. No late applications accepted and once a course is cancelled it cannot be conducted.
Course confirmation Todd Group members Complete your course confirmation as early as possible. Make sure your membership status is current and that you have returned your annual declaration. No late course confirmations accepted and if a course is cancelled it will not be conducted.
Course joining confirmation approval Todd Group members On receiving your course confirmation approval pay your course fee and provide any other required information.
Your course fee must be paid on course joining confirmation or at the latest by June 12.
Course joining applications new exponents After submitting your on-line applications if requested provide any additional required information. After your application has been processed you will receive your course joining acceptance or be declined if you do not meet the course joining requirements.
Course joining acceptance new applicants On acceptance make payment of your full course fee. Full fee refunds will be provided for any courses cancelled after the cut-off date. Payment of course fees must be paid on receiving course joining acceptance.
Course official forms submission / processing On receiving your course joining official forms they will be checked and processed. Signing your forms can be by electronic signature or typed text. You will be advised of your application being accepted or declined by email as soon as processed.
Course additional application required material / information You may be asked for additional application support information including a scanned copy of your current passport picture page and current driver’s license or other information.
Course acceptance requirements Pay course fees, read all provided information and promptly action any requests or requirements for information.
Course phases of training provision Phase 1 Basic CQC and Phase 1 Basic Self-Defence
Course additional packages / modules / subjects content Introduction to Todd systems tactical control restraint as well as a medical implications of close quarter combat lecture and theory and practical practice of the brain to boot psychological conditioning/Mental toughness
Course information links
Course participation This is a volunteer’s course of instruction and exponents can partake or observe any training modules without question. Some attendees want to test themselves combatively while others simply want to experience military close quarter’s combat and military self-defence, learning the skills for their knowledge and self- protection. This is up to the volunteer exponent to decide their level of participation and extent of their objective achievement requirements.
Course code of conduct All attendees must conduct themselves in a mature responsible manner at all times on and off course.
Training is a privilege not a right and requires high integrity and responsible behaviour at all times.
Respect the chain of command; be respectful to everyone at all times. Train for self-improvement abide by orders and instructions always adhering to safety practices. Never cause the Todd group respected name to be brought into disrepute. Make sure you read and abide by application/declaration conditions and provided behaviour information in your accepted applicants information email or on course brief .
Primary training objectives brief The primary training objectives are for all exponents on course to increase their knowledge and capabilities in the most current and proven Todd Group systems of military self-defence and military close quarters combat. The intensity of the training is determined by the commitment and inner- resolve of the individual exponent.
Course fees new exponents 240 SFr per exponent on course.
Course fees current Todd Group members Reduced fees, rates apply to all Todd Group HQ and country members as per the rates on the Todd Group members private facility on the HQ website
Course fee includes / excludes accommodation Excludes.
Course fee includes / excludes meals Excludes.
Course laundry information Non-residential course, so not applicable.
Course fees payment requirements / information Full non-refundable non-transferable course fee payable on course joining acceptance. Current Todd Group member’s full course fee payment on course confirmation or individual course fee payment options by prior arrangement.
Payment of course fees options Cash, Credit cards- Visa or Master cards .Online bank transfer. PayPal. Please advise us on decided method of payment. We will then provide payment option information.
[email protected]
Course fees refunds for Todd Group HQ course cancelation Full course refund after notification of cancellation.
Course refunds for pre-course or on-course withdrawals If you apply/course confirm are accepted for course joining and have been advised the course is confirmed and will be conducted, there will be no refunds for pre-course or on course withdrawals.
Course refunds for accepted exponents that do not turn up No refund applicable if you have been accepted paid your course fee and do not turn up.
Residential course No
Non-Residential course Yes
Course accommodation and meals residential attendees Not applicable.
Course meals non-residential attendees Not applicable.
Course accommodation and meals rates and payments information residential attendees Not applicable.
Course meals rates and payment requirements non-residential attendees Not applicable.
Residential courses accommodation description / information Not applicable.
Course meals information Not applicable.
Course qualifications / Certification Short course attendance certified.
Course Phase test brief Not applicable.
Course Additional / Auxiliary training Tactical control restraint & training primary skills and introductory training in the combative mental toughness (Brain to Boot program).
Special events Not applicable.
Additional activities Not applicable.
Additional course expenses Nil
Pre-course arrival As per your course joining information email.
Post-course departure As per your course joining information email.
Travel transport pre-course Not applicable.
Travel transport post-course Not applicable.
On-course transport requirements / provision Not applicable.
Airport transfers pre- and post-course Not applicable.
Non-airport pre-course pick up locations Not applicable.
Non-Airport post-course drop off locations Not applicable.
On course daily local transport for non-residential attendees / pick up drop off locations Own arrangements.
Public transport services pre-, during, and post-course Own arrangements.
Pre-course accommodation information As per your course joining information email.
Post course accommodation information As per your course joining information email.
Pre-course meeting / briefing information As per your course joining information email.
Course registration / administration requirements / information As per your course joining information email.
Course roll call As per your course joining information email.
Course uniform / dress civilian exponents Plain black t-shirt, plain black sweat pants or plain black BDU tactical pants and plain black shoes or boots.
Course uniform military groups Plain black t-shirt, plain black sweat pants or plain black BDU tactical pants and plain black shoes or boots.
Uniform purchasing information Not applicable.
Course training kit requirements Any personal protectors (mouth guards, groin protectors etc.) A full kit list will be provided to accepted applicants.
Course personal kit requirements Toiletries, water bottle etc. List provided to accepted applicants.
Privacy confidentiality and security The Todd Group insist on all exponents abiding by their application agreement. The privacy and confidentiality of the Todd Group and our individual participants and group clients is essential and all attendees are expected to be security conscious and protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of the Todd Group and all its attendees clients associates staff and facilitators. No unauthorised audio, video or still photographs permitted at any time.
Accepted applicants full / final information package This will be provided by email and will include all logistics, communication, kit/dress, rules and regulations information.
Course chief instructor / instructing cadre Geoff “Tank” Todd and attending assistant instructors.
Course manager / course coordinators Ken Oesterreich
Course manager / course coordinators contact information [email protected]
Course logistical general information [email protected]
Todd Group resources pre-training / continuation training

Other DVDs Manuals
Course training / testing related information Attitude is most important to competency achievement. Skill first then increases in speed to achieve momentum/velocity. Less is more in the sense of individual primary skills selection and competency/proficiency increases. Train with quietly confident commitment to self-improvement.
Course recruiting Course recruiting is by Todd Group websites, word of mouth recruiting, referrals. Recruiting cards available by email request [email protected]
Post-course country membership option Post-course country membership option. New first course exponents post completing their first course can become country membership of the Todd Group subject to approval. Country membership enables privileges such as reduced fees on most courses, wholesale Todd Group products purchasing, access to member’s private site on the Todd Group HQ website, email updates.
Post-course Todd Group HQ membership Not applicable.
Post-course Todd Group national and international depot continuation training Post-course Todd Group national and international depot continuation training. The Todd Group have depot and or individual tuition instructors throughout New Zealand and Internationally.
Todd Group HQ contact information Todd Group HQ contact information
[email protected] NZ Ph 03 4778 902 International Ph +64 3 4778902.
Additional / Miscellaneous information A full email information pack will be provided to all accepted exponents which will include all information.
If you are a practical realist quietly confident and committed to self-improvement in practical self-protection and combative skills you will prosper from Todd CQC and MSD training.

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